New Grassberry High Announced

I got a lot of emails recently about the status of the project. The project is still alive and a new release of the Grassberry High is scheduled for the mid of September.

Some of the new features are:

  • RaspberryPi 4 Ready (I'll update the tutorial soon)
  • Runs with Docker (for non-nerds, this makes future updates easy as pie): your Grassberry High will always run on the newest version
  • Removal of the trial version: you can run all the essential functions for free & forever
  • Shifting fully open source: I will make the project completely MIT and upload the new code to GitHub
  • More quality: Automatic software testing etc.
  • Release of the current wireless boards as open hardware
  • New rule types and a new method to apply sensor rules to relays which is way more flexible!
  • Introduction of community sales partners. If you are a certified company, you can build the GH and sell it (A lot of people ask where to buy it, this can be your money 😉 )

I underestimated the effort and the required funds to make the product completely wireless. That was the reason why I got stuck. The new version will start with cables, but I hope it gets picked up in the community so that we will grow wireless soon.

So the new Grassberry High will be made by the community for the community.

EDIT: I currently have some problems compressing the image for the SD card installation. Everything else is ready! So follow this blog, the download is coming soon.